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Managed Access Control Solution


Honeywell’s WIN-PAK® CS access control product provides a cost effective and easy-to-manage security solution for businesses, while providing security dealers with multiple recurring revenue streams.

WIN-PAK CS is a departure from traditional access control systems. WIN-PAK CS removes the hassle of installing software, managing operating systems, computer compatibility problems and dealing with virus protection. The total cost of ownership is reduced to a manageable service fee, which results in a higher closing rate and more recurring revenue.

While meeting the needs of customers, WIN-PAK CS also provides an opportunity for dealers to increase their recurring monthly revenue. WIN-PAK CS includes options like remote digital video monitoring and access control management functions.

Customized reports by account can be created and scheduled to run hourly, daily or weekly. Alarms, events and reports can be sent to e-mail, cell phone or any enabled device. Remote photo-ID badging tools provide a continuous revenue stream through card production, and an Internet portal option for customers allows access via any web browser.

Advanced operator actions like alarm routing, keyboard shortcuts, floorplan graphic displays, remote digital video monitoring and intrusion integration provide powerful support. For customers that would like to have local control over their system, WIN-PAK CS offers a web-enabled interface to their account. Customers can access their information live using any standard web browser interface. Capabilities include Door status summary view, card/ cardholder locate, managing doors (lock, unlock, schedule changes), manage cards and cardholders, schedules, report templates, reporting schedules, printing ID cards and more.

WIN-PAK CS’s API allows 3rd party program integrations.


  • Access Control Alarm and Event Monitoring

    • Monitor alarms and events real-time
    • Special response messages per account/per alarm or event
    • Lock/unlock doors
    • Add/remove holidays
    • 99 priority levels of alarms/events
    • Control and respond, including acknowledge, clear, annotate, live video and recorded video
    • Manual override, lock and unlock doors, shunt/bypass zones and input points
    • Live floor plan views
  • Central Station Operator Controls
    • Monitor alarms & events
    • Remote digital video monitoring
    • Operator event claiming
    • Account specific access
    • Account Sensitive Card/Cardholder database import utility
    • Alarm or event routing by operator
  • Remote Digital Video Monitoring using Honeywell Rapid Eye, MAXPRO NVR and Fusion DVRs
    • Record and playback events
    • Export and email video clips
    • Pop-up up to 4 cameras per event
    • Camera control, including pan, tilt & zoom,
    • Prevent unauthorized access with video verification
  • Report options include
    • Email, fax, print
    • Manually on demand or scheduled
    • Specialized reports - card frequency with disposition option, card where valid, who has access to this door, card audit trails and more.
  • User Web Interface
    • Account landing page
    • Door status
    • Locate tool
    • Manage Card and Cardholders
    • Limited Use, Escort, VIP, Std, Note Fields
    • Attach Photos to cardholders
    • Badge printing
    • Mange Access areas and Schedules
    • Manage Door schedules, status (Lock/unlock)
    • Manage Schedules and Holidays
    • Create report Templates and Schedules
  • Photo-ID Badging Management
    • Recurring revenue opportunity
    • Lost card replacement
    • Increased customer value
    • Upload images via web interface
  • Intrusion Integration
    • Arm and Disarm based on card read or point
    • Remote Virtual Keypad
    • Video tied to event

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Data Sheets
Data Sheet - WIN-PAK®CS 4.2 186.99 KB 06/09/15
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Flyer - WIN-PAK® 4.2 233.67 KB 10/30/13
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Part No. Description
WIN-PAK CS 4.2 Software
WCS1 50 Accounts, 1st Year SSA
WCS2 100 Accounts, 1st Year SSA
WCS3 250 Accounts, 1st Year SSA
WCS4 500 Accounts, 1st Year SSA
WCS5 1,000 Accounts, 1st Year SSA
WCS6 2,500 Accounts, 1st Year SSA
Remote Site Starter Kits
NX1P10 NetAXS-123 1 Door Starter Kit with OP10 Reader - Compact Enclosure
NX1MPS10 NetAXS-123 1 Door Starter Kit with OP10 Reader - Metal Enclosure
NX4OP30S NetAXS4 4 Door Starter kit with OP30 Reader - Small Enclosure
NX4OP30L NetAXS4 4 Door Starter kit with OP30 Reader and 6amp 24VDC PS - Large Enclosure

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