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Keypads may be used to provide access control security where no card is used


Northern Computers' KP-10 and KP-11 keypads may be used to provide access control security where no card is used, or in the case of the KP-10 used in conjunction with a card as a PIN (Personal Identification Number) for even greater security.

The unsurpassed ability of the KP-10 and KP-11 to withstand almost any environment enables the keypads to be installed in extreme climate conditions. At the same time the aesthetic appearance allows the keypad to be used in the nicest office.

The Piezo Technology which eliminates moving parts allows the keypad to be activated by the users touch. Rather than moving keys which are likely to break an audible beep and visible indicator provide feedback for the user. The elimination of moving parts make the keypads very dependable and reliable. The stainless steel design makes them very vandal resistant and easy to keep clean.


  • Rugged Stainless Steel construction.
  • Weather Resistant.
  • Vandal Resistant.
  • No moving parts to wear out.
  • Impact resistant.
  • Status monitoring LED's.
  • Intrinsically safe in explosive environments.
  • Audible and visual feedback
  • 5.125 x 3.375 inches (130 x 86mm) size.
  • -40 to 160° F (-40 to 70° C) operating temperature.
  • KP-10, 12 conductors 18 AWG (0.75mm) Shielded cable, 2 of 7 matrix output.
  • KP-11, 5 conductors 18 AWG (0.75mm) Shielded cable, 32bit Wiegand output.

Product Documentation

Title   Size Date
Data Sheets
KP-10, KP-11, KP-12 & KP-13 Keypads Data Sheet 83.76 KB
Technical Bulletin
KP-10 Wiring Instructions 100.99 KB
KP-11-P/KP-11-26-P Keypad Wiring Instructions 35.06 KB
KP-12 (KP-12-ILL) Keypad Wiring Instructions 38.12 KB
KP-13 Keypad Wiring Instructions 39.89 KB
Ordering Information

Part No. Description
KP-10 12 wire, stainless steel
KP-10-BRASS 12 wire, brass
KP-11 5 wire, 32 bit Wiegand output stainless steel
KP-11-26 5 wire, 26 bit Wiegand output
KP-11-ABA 5 wire, ABA output
KP-12 12 wire, stainless steel
KP-12-BRA 12 wire, braille
KP-12-BRS 12 wire, brass
KP-12-ILL 12 wire, illuminated
KP-13 5 wire, 32 bit Wiegand output
KP-13-26 5 wire, 26 bit Wiegand output
KP-13-BRA 5 wire, braille
KP-13-BRS 5 wire, brass
KP-13-ILL 5 wire, illuminated

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